Class Environment



Class Environment-

What My Philosophy Looks Like In The Class Environment:

“One must know why we do what we do in order to learn how to do what we do” -Randolph Cooper

The basic theory is presented first. Then by using examples and counterexamples I direct the students minds in the direction I want them to go. Next I reintroduce the theory to enable students to digest any information they may have missed. I believe it is the responsibility of the Professor to teach the material as opposed to just having the students read it. I emphasize learning mathematical techniques and ways of thinking that help to increase the student’s creative thinking abilities.

In lower level classes such as algebra or calculus I like to give a good number of quizzes so that students can know how well they understand the material.

I work diligently to equip students with skills they will need to succeed. This way the midterm and final do not come as a surprise. The quizzes are based on the homework. I do this to give students a good gage as to where they are in my class. This helps to keep the student accountable in contributing to their own success.

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