Bipolarisim, Not Ashamed,
Not In Fear, Simply A Fact of Life…


Maybe My Honesty Can Help Someone Else…

I have always had some minor problems since my youth that came and went from time to time. When I was in graduate school at about 23 I started to experience problems with depression. I mostly ignored it hoping it would go away. And it did temporarily. But it came back again. By 25 I started to get worse and worse. I started to have major depression and occasional problems with my thought processes. I still didn’t do anything about it.

At 27 I graduated from graduate school. By then my problems with bipolar disorder were very severe so I finally did something about it. I saw a doctor. He referred me to a psychiatrist who started me on medication. A number of different combinations of medications had to be tried but after about two years I was much much better. Now I have been doing very well. I still take medicine and always will.

I am thankful that in this day and age there is medicine for bipolar disorder. It is a gift from God. God always took good care of me even when I was doing bad. He’s a good God. My advice to anyone who is experiencing depression or other problems is to get help early on and don’t wait a long time like I did. There is help. Here are a few links where you can get more info about this kind of stuff.

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